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Archive for March 28, 2016

Benefits of 3D Scanners

Written by admin on . Posted in 3d measurement, Ct scanning, High resolution ct

X-ray computed tomography

3D scanner services really have opened up a whole new world of opportunity because of its ability to capture pretty much anything that is in our world and turn it into a digital model within a number of minutes. 3D scanner services are used to:

  1. Make CAD models of actual parts in order to capture designs, update products and create new products.
  2. Verify the quality of a certain product. This is done with comparison to CAD models.
  3. Manufacture customized products for everything from health and dental care to fashion and retail.
  4. Scan a whole building in order to then make a 3D model of it.

This is not even scratching the surface of all the things that 3D scanner services are capabl