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Do You Have a Love of Science?

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Pcb board assembly

New year.
New set of research students.
New dreams and aspirations.
New chance to encourage beginning college students to pursue their interest in science and engineering fields.
The fact that you are entering your 20 year anniversary as a college science professor at your university does not mean that your enthusiasm for the beginning of the academic year is any less. In fact, you are probably more excited about this group of research students than you have been other groups in the past. After spending the end of the summer with two of these research students as the three of you used printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other materials to introduce some basic electronics to middle school students, you are reminded about why you entered this profession in the first place.
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The 5 Most Common Tech Issues IT Support Handles Everyday

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Internet marketing tampa

Behind any company or place of business, there is a high tech world that keeps things afloat. Guaranteed, there are plenty of computers behind the scenes that help keep track of everything and aid in efficiency. Technology is evolving at such a high speed, and there are new advancements everyday. It can be difficult to keep up with every change, and be able to navigate your own way through new operating systems and software. No doubt, things can get confusing. It is okay to ask for help, especially when there are IT support services available through technology companies. IT services and IT consulting can be a godsend when you are unfamiliar with the computer you are using. There are a few common issues peo