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3 Reasons Why Companies Scan Blueprints

Written by admin on . Posted in 36 paper roll, Engineering paper, Engineering rolls

Throughout the world, construction projects are taking place on a regular basis. Before any buildings are constructed, companies need to begin using engineering paper. In turn, these blueprints allow construction projects to begin. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to consider how beneficial it is to scan blueprint paper. Here are three reasons why you should consider scanning company blueprints.

  1. Lowering Company Overhead

    There are several types of costs associated with owning an architectural or engineering business. Many architectural and engineering companies print documents on a daily basis. In addition to these costs, companies will need to replace printing equipment. In fact, a recent study found that the global market for wide format printers will reach a total of $7.2 billion by 2022. Considering that, it’s wise for companies to do everything possible to reduce overhead. If you’re partnering with a document scanning company, employees won’t

How Many Times Have Your Workers Damaged a Laptop When They Are Out in the Field?

Written by admin on . Posted in Getac laptop, Military toughbook, Semi-rugged notebook

If your laptop is often exposed to extreme temperatures and high altitudes then it is important to consider investing in one of the latest toughbook laptop computers for sale. In fact, without this kind of investment you may just be throwing good money after bad when it comes to technology. The decision to upgrade an entire office to a set of toughbook laptop computers for sale is an even wiser decision.
There are many careers that require laptops. And while you may think that all of these jobs are behind a desk, that simply is not true. From engineers who need to have their laptops with them while they are out on the job site to the semi rugged laptops that are a part of many agricultural jobs, there are many times when technology is needed out in the field, away from the comfort and protection of a desk.
How Often Do You Take Your Laptop Away from Your Desk and Out of the Office?