What Recruiting Trends Can We Expect to See in 2018?

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When it comes to recruiting and hiring new employees, employers are investing a lot of time and resources into the entire process. From recruiting and interviewing to hiring and training, money and time are used in order to ensure the new employee is able to be productive within the company. However, if a new hire does not work out, a company loses that money and wastes valuable resources. Because of that, recruiting methods are constantly changing in order to try to minimize the risk of a new hire not working out. This article is going to discuss a few recruiting trends experts expect to see this year.

One major trend is going to involve rewording job postings. Federal agencies are going to be looking for job ads containing discriminatory language. Additionally, they will be limiting factors employers are allowed to use to screen candidates. In order to remain compliant, employers and executive recruiters will have the opportunity to use software applications that flag words in job postings that could potentially be seen as biased.

Along with ensuring job postings remain unbiased, employers will also put a heavy focus on diversity hiring. While executive recruiting services will understand that diversity hiring is necessary to follow guidelines and regulations, they also will be putting a focus on embracing the concept of being inclusive. Unfortunately, this concept is still not accepted by some employers. An employer or executive recruiter should understand that diversity doesn’t relate just to race or gender, but also religions, lifestyles, and physical or emotional capabilities. Experts suggest that to fully embrace this trend, employers should:

  • Get to know various groups in society
  • Participate in outreach to learn about the issues that are important to these groups
  • Follow up with candidates about how their organization and its culture are working on addressing their values

And lastly, employers are expected to fully utilize predictive analytics. Generally used by a recruiting firm, predictive analytics allow employers to predict candidates’ performance and on-the-job success. By investing in the help of an executive recruiter, employers will be able to collect early performance data on new hires, matching the data against assessments, and eventually be able to refine the profile of a successful employee. Furthermore, using predictive analytics, employers will be able to measure the impact of growing revenue. Overall, predictive analytics will allow employers to reduce employee turnover, increase the chances of a new hire being successful within the company, and ultimately increase company profit.

It’s important to fine-tune recruiting methods in order to reduce the possibility of your company losing money and resources on employee turnover. By utilizing some of these trends and investing in the help of an executive recruiter, your company is sure to be successful in hiring new staff members. Read more.

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