What Are the Main Benefits of Online Accounting Software?

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One of the fastest growing sectors of software in the United States is ERP software. ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, software, according to Gartner, has experienced 9.5% growth in a single year. Now, ERP solutions represent an industry worth more than $267 billion.

ERP software is built to assist businesses in
doing important, time consuming tasks of all types. Online accounting systems are quickly becoming the most popular and important of this type of software. While many find the advantages of online accounting software obvious, others are not so sure. If you’ve been considering online accounting systems but are unsure what the advantages of adopting such a system are, then keep reading.

Business Mobility
As Sterling Effort, a UK-based finance blog, suggests, one of the biggest advantages of online accounting systems is the improved business mobility they provide. Whereas traditional accounting systems store data locally, requiring you to be in the office to see the files you need, online accounting systems can be set up to grant you access to your accounting information remotely.

Software as a Service is Much Cheaper
Online accounting systems are, generally, a form of software as a service (SAS). SAS applications are rented to clients for a nominal monthly fee. The benefit of this to businesses is that this cost is oftentimes much cheaper than having to buy a payroll system outright. As About.com suggests, traditional payroll systems can cost hundreds of dollars to buy. The best accounting software is offered as software as a service for as little as $20 a month.

Improved Accountant Productivity
Recruiter suggests that the biggest advantage of online accounting systems is improved accountant productivity. Consider the workload an accountant normally has to deal with when using outdated, traditional payroll systems. Bookkeeping has to be done in one program, records have to be kept in another, and so on. In the end, accountants are left strapped for time, wasting the vast amount of their potential. By using online accounting systems that bring the functionality of multiple programs into one easy-to-use system, accountants are free to take part in business advisement and investment meetings, improving companies overall.

Making the move to online accounting systems just makes sense for any business looking to improve the way they operate. Improving business mobility, reducing costs, and increasing worker productivity are what all companies strive for. With online accounting systems, all three can be had in one fell swoop. Helpful research also found here: www.flex.hk

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