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Archive for July, 2016

NDT applications in Quality Control and Inspection

Written by admin on . Posted in Industrial computed tomography scanning, Ndt inspection, Ndt services

Industrial xray inspection

none destructive testing (NDT) is not really new, however, it is being applied to new situations, which is exciting for many businesses because it allows them to improve quality control while reducing costs. Laser inspection equipment such as an industrial CT scanner allows customers to reduce inspection costs and failures by 25 to 75% compared to non-CT scanner options. While the rate of possible reduction is wide, it varies based on a number of factors.

CT stands for computerized tomography and it uses a computer to take the data from multiple x-ray images and put them together to create a single image on the screen. Essentially, it allows you to get a two-dimensional image of a section th

What Cables You Should Have on Hand Around Your House

Written by admin on . Posted in Bulk usb cables, Crossover cable, Zipcord fiber optic cable

Siamese cable

If you or your family are device fanatics and always are plugged in, you may want to consider investing in bulk USB cables. They can make your life a good deal simpler and they’re small enough to keep at home, in the car, at work, or tucked in your bag when traveling. Never worry about not being able to connect your device to a power source or to another device ever again when you invest in bulk USB cables you can bring anywhere! Many USB cables now come in fun colors, a variety of lengths, and can be relatively inexpensive to purchase. With some easy research, you can find them at good prices a