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A Look at the Plastic Injection Molding Process

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Metal injection molding processes

You may or may not know that the process to create plastic parts is actually very complex. The plastic injection molding process is currently used to produce many different products including wire spools, bottle caps, pocket combs, automotive dashboards, and even some types of musical instruments. As you can see, the plastic injection molding process is highly versatile.

Because the plastic injection molding process can produce a lot of pieces in a relatively short period of time, manufacturers can experience low labor costs. Additionally, these plastic injection molding machines produce very few scraps during the production of injection molded components, so they are considered to be environmentally friendly.

There are currently more than 20,000 types of mold material that can be used in the plastic injection molding plastic process. This range of materials allows this process to be used in many different applications. There are many polymers including thermoplastics and elastomers that can be used in the plastic injection molding process. These polymers are often mixed with other alloys that will allow manufacturers a full range of materials that can be used in the product. These materials can be chose for strength, flexibility, and other properties the product may need. In 1990, aluminum molds were first used in the plastic injection molding process. This allowed an even broader range of uses for injection molded plastic pieces.

The plastic injection molding process uses machines that are known as presses. These plastic injection molding machines have several parts including the mold. The mold is attached to the larger machine. This mold is then injected with the plastic material to a level that is about 95 to 99 percent full. Pressure is then applied to the mold, creating the part. The quicker the plastic is injected into the mold during the plastic injection molding process, the more accurate that product will be. Once the part has cooled within the mold, the mold will be opened, ejecting the part.

As you can see, this plastic injection molding process is fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly. This process allows the consumer to find cost effective and useful products. And, it is probably used in far more products that you ever imagined.

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