Stop Wasting Your Time, and Start Using These Four Tips for Effective Advertising

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Did you know, according to Pew Internet, 78% of adult internet users in the United States use the web to research goods or products their considering buying? 71% will go on to make such a purchase, driving the 16.4% growth Forbes expects for American eCommerce this year. All three numbers are set to rise over the next four years, with sales expected to hit $370 billion by 2017.

Ostensibly, as more and more eCommerce dollars come up for grabs, so, too, does it become more difficult for businesses to get access to them. Consider, according to, there are at least 1.66 billion indexed pages on the worldwide web. Every single one of those, regardless of its quality or content, represents competition to your own public relations marketing. If you want to compete, you need to learn how to implement only the most effective advertising strategies.

  1. Stick to the AIDA Formula
  2. The Houston Chronicle writes that sticking to the AIDA formula, standing for Attention Interest Desire Action, is one of the best advertising tips and tricks out there. The idea is to grab readers’ attention with the heading and keep their interest with well written content. Following that, they should have the desire to check out your company and take action to make a purchase. Check each piece of marketing content you put out to ensure it passes this test.

  3. Know Your Limitations
  4. Knowing your limitations is the key to effective advertising. If you lack the in-house talent and resources to implement an effective advertising campaign for yourself, then consider outsourcing to a web advertising agency. There’s a reason American businesses spent over $20 billion on digital advertising help, as noted by Ad Exchanger, in the first half of 2013: not every company can do it alone.

  5. Keep Your Copy Succinct
  6. The Age of the Internet has bred an environment of data overload. Subsequently, as Slate writes, most web users read only 50% of what’s on a page. By keeping your content succinct, you increase the chances it will be read entirely, and you increase the chances readers will follow through with your call to action at the end of the page.

  7. Use Increasingly Powerful Social Media Marketing
  8. There are 1.2 billion people using Facebook, according to Statistic Brain. Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms represent a great way for your brand to connect with its audience, manage PR problems, and advertise to an ever growing user base. Consider, according to Social Media Today, for every “Like” you get on your page or posts, your chances for notoriety and business increase. Don’t ignore social media.

As effective advertising on the web grows more important, implementing an effective advertising campaign is seemingly becoming more difficult. With these four tips, you can make sure your web marketing campaign is successful. Read more blogs like this.

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