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Archive for December 19, 2016

Looking for a More Challenging Position? Contact a Recruiting Firm

Written by admin on . Posted in Field service engineer, Flexible packaging recruiters, Rotational molding

Executive recruiter

In 2013, the primary source for locating job candidates was from applicant tracking systems. After this, qualified applicants were located through referrals and social media. In 2013, it took the following time frames to fill three types of positions:

    Temporary placements: Six days
    Contract placements: Eight days
    Permanent placements: 32 days

In 2014, prospective employers participated in a survey about placing skilled candidates in their positions. It was found that 71% of these employers admitted that there was a lack of skilled applicants. This number was higher in 2013, however, at 76%.

Each industry, of course, has specific skill requirements. While many of these skills may be transferable from similar fields, others may not be.

It’s obviously important