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Archive for May, 2016

How to Decide Between OEM and Generic Buys

Written by admin on . Posted in Cat5 crossover cable, Lightning cables, Usb 3 cable

Bulk fiber optic cables

It can be difficult to know what kind of cell phone accessories you should buy for your phone. If you are trying to connect your phone manually to another device you may have looked into cat6 cables bulk compared to cat5e cables or in the good ol’ usb 2.0 cable. However, the main issue here is more than are cat6 cables bulk buys more beneficial. It actually starts before that question can even be answered. It’s in the different between OEM which stands for original equipment manufacturer and generic products. If you’ve ever done a search for cell phone accessories than you know there are a ton of options out there for you. Let’s make sure you know the meanings of each t

The Prototype PCB Fabrication and Your Next Project

Written by admin on . Posted in Circuit board prototyping, Printed circuit board prototype, Prototype pcb

Prototype pcb

You have a great idea for a new invention, but you don?t know where to begin. You have many of the details thought out, including the actual products, how it will function and even how you will market it. You might have thought about pricing, marketing and the type of person that you will attempt to sell the product to. But, where do you begin? Obviously, you must create the product before you can even begin to market and sell it. You wonder where other engineers have begun their project, and what types of materials they have used to create them with. The prototype PCB fabrication provides the perfect starting option that gives you a number of options for creation and design for your next project.

The world market for PCBs reached nearly $60 billion in 2012, with 1.7% real growth over 2011, according to IP