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Why Should I Use An SEO Branding Strategy For My Business?

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What does it mean to have an SEO branding strategy? Simply put, it means to put the power of marketing in the hands of your customers, helping them find you without the hassle of intrusive advertisements and memory-hungry load times. With customers inundated with more information than they need at any given day, discretion has become the name of the game. Slowly but surely SEO has proven a more ideal option than even billboards, animated advertisements and newspapers combined. Not sure how SEO works or how it’s more effective than standard forms of advertising? The list below will answer al

What Are SEO Services Worrying About in 2016? Penguins, Wikipedia, and Google AMP

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Whether you’re a search marketing expert or just researching local search engine optimization services for the first time, 2016 has been a very busy year. Major changes to Google’s search algorithms are coming soon, and Google itself has warned local search engine optimization pros to stay on their feet.
So what’s keeping your local search marketing company up at night? Just two months in, 2016 has seen a lot of activity in the search engine world. So here is all the search engine content that’s fit to click:

2016 is the Year of the Penguin

Google gives names like Panda and Penguin to its periodic updates to its search ranking factors, and it’s been about two years since the last major Penguin upd