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How To Increase Employee Retention

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Finding the right person for a job can be difficult and all too often, the wrong choice is made in the hiring process. This can lead to poor rates of employee retention, a problem that the majority of HR departments feel is a considerable problem that deserves attention in order to solve it. Fortunately, HR executive search firms and a job placement agency can help to thoroughly inspect the hiring process as well as potential candidates for the open position. HR executive search firms can also work with employers to make sure that potential hires are taken from a diverse pool of people of varying different backgrounds. HR executive search firms can help to stop the climbing rates of employee retention by understanding which potential candidate is the best fit for the job – and which employer is the best

How Long Have You Been at Your Current Job?

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The President’s Club gathering in Phoenix may have been amazing, but this new request was a task that you could throw yourself into, rather than wallow in frustration at the non sales numbers that were going on in your office. When you turned a low priority deal into a signed deal, your boss and the president of the company personally called you to make sure that you knew your efforts were appreciated.
In fact, things were going pretty well at work, and you thought that you were in a good place in your career. That was before you received phone calls and emails from the job placement agency.
You never really knew that you were looking for a new job until two different executive HR search firms contacted you in the same week. The fact that two different Continue Reading No Comments