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What Cables You Should Have on Hand Around Your House

Written by admin on . Posted in Bulk usb cables, Crossover cable, Zipcord fiber optic cable

Siamese cable

If you or your family are device fanatics and always are plugged in, you may want to consider investing in bulk USB cables. They can make your life a good deal simpler and they’re small enough to keep at home, in the car, at work, or tucked in your bag when traveling. Never worry about not being able to connect your device to a power source or to another device ever again when you invest in bulk USB cables you can bring anywhere! Many USB cables now come in fun colors, a variety of lengths, and can be relatively inexpensive to purchase. With some easy research, you can find them at good prices a

The Everyday Benefits of Cat5e Cables

Written by admin on . Posted in Bulk plenum zipcord fiber optic cable, Cat5e crossover cable, Crossover cable

Usb 3 cable

Why invest in Ethernet cables when WiFi is everywhere these days? In short, a cable connection is faster, more secure, and far more reliable than spotty wireless. If you’re new to the market, start with Cat5e cables.

Cat5e cables are the upgraded, advanced versions of the old category 5 Ethernet cables. The “e” in Cat5e stands for precisely that: “enhanced.”

Whereas Cat5 cables have a maximum frequency of 100MHz and can transmit at speeds up to 10/100Mbps, Cat5e cables have the same frequency capacity with additional speeds up to 10/100/1000Mbps.

To be sure, there are even more advanced cables out there, like the Cat6 cables, Cat6a, and even Cat7 now. Cat 6a cables have a m