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Four Points on How Companies Can Incorporate BYOD Without Risking Data Breaches

Written by admin on . Posted in Blackberry reporting, Enterprise mobility, Mobile workforce

Mobile application management

Did you know that about 56% of Americans now own smartphones, according to Pew Research? Many people are now bringing their phones to work. Most business correspondingly have a BYOD, or Bring your own device, policy. What many companies overlook, however, is how a lack of BYOD oversight can lead to dangerous breaches. Here are four things you should know about BYOD and how companies use mobile device management to combat loss or theft of data.

1. Breaches

According to a survey by Enterasys, 75% of companies allow BYOD. Of those companies, an incredible 47% have experienced a security breach as a result. Although the knee jerk reaction might be to disable BYOD policies, there are

Three Signs That You May Need IT Managed Services

Written by admin on . Posted in Business website hosting, Internet phone service, Managed services benefits

Internet phone service

Mention the word outsourcing, and immediately the thought most people have is of some company overseas. This is a common misconception that keeps companies from looking into managed services companies. Technically, managed services are a kind of outsourcing that strategically shift certain responsibilities to another company to cut expenses, and improve operations.

Sometimes human resources, fulfillment, life cycle build, or maintenance activities are among those responsibilities. Although there are many different kinds of managed service providers, one that could be most beneficial to your company are IT professional services. Here are three si