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Taking A Look At The Clothing Industry Of The United States And How It Will Grow In Years To Come

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Clothing is important, this is a blatantly obvious fact. Not only is clothing important for covering the parts of ourselves that we very much want to cover, but it is also ideal for protecting our bodies from the elements. With clothing, we can keep ourselves warm or we can keep our skin out of direct sunlight. We can help to regulate the temperature of our bodies in a way that our bodies are not capable of doing on their own. But clothing, aside from being incredibly functional, can be used for creative expression as well. The world of fashion has taken off not only here in the United States but in many other parts of the world as well. Fashion and style play an important role in the lives of many, be they extravagant dressers or those who like a more simple look. With the many uses and purposes of clothing, the apparel industry here in the United States is not only one that is surviving, but one that is also thriving.

In fact, by the time that the year of 2016 had drawn to a clo

Michgan Woman Almost Loses a Small Fortune

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Many people have had a situation where they have lost a $10 or $20 bill. While this situation is understandably frustrating, it could always be worse. A woman from Michigan recently almost lost a lot more money than that. In this post, you’ll learn why Delaine Passucci almost lost an astounding $50,000.

How This Almost Happened

Statistics show that nearly 50% of all adults throughout the United States report purchasing a lottery ticket within the past 12 months. Considering that, many of these adults choose to play the game of Powerball. The game of Powerball involves a randomly set of numbers picked to form a winning combination. In order to obtain these numbers, players must purchase a ticket. Rather than waiting to catch the numbers on the news, Passucci used a convenient lottery ticket scanner. You’ll find that a scanner for lottery tickets are available in many stores.

Problems with a Lotto Scanner

Unfortunately, this is where problems began. Passucci w