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Archive for October, 2018

Keep a Digital Score of Employee Productivity

Written by admin on . Posted in Ntp time clock, Strikefirst, Timeservers

There are many businesses out there that require the use of multiple vehicles and multiple drivers at a time. Whether you run a taxi service, search and rescue operation, heavy hauling company, or anything else that involves juggling several vehicles in the field at once, you want to be sure that you know where all of your vessels are at all times and that they are running smoothly. To keep score digitally of your fleet can seem like an impossible to do, because it is not feasible to be conversing with all drivers simultaneously to get live updates of them and their vehicles. Thankfully, there is a system that caters to doing this for you. With GPS fleet tracking equipment, you can know where your vehicles are, allow haulers and drivers to clock in digitally with a time clock server, and more.

GPS time clock and fleet tracking equipment is, in a nutshell, a software that uses tracking devices to keep score digitally of your assets (your vehicles and drivers). For you, this softw

How To Reap The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Written by admin on . Posted in Choosing an seo firm, Search engine optimization, Seo

In today’s fast moving world, the influence of social media keeps growing. From sharing Facebook updates to posting photos on Instagram to communicating with followers on Twitter, social media is everywhere.

With such a big influence on the world we live in, social media can be a game changer for companies and the way the conduct business. Whether you’re doing online marketing, advertising or looking to increase your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) profile, here are 14 things to think about when it comes to social media marketing benefits.

  • A report from SalesForce Marketing Cloud found that 83 percent of customers ‘love or ‘like’ when a business responds to them on social media.
  • Almost all (94 percent) of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of their content strategy.
  • Google receives more than 100 billion searches per month.
  • Approximately 70 percent of the links search users click on are organic.
  • The Pew Research Center finds t