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Archive for March, 2016

Head Up in the Cloud? So Is Everyone Else’s! What You Should Know About the Cloud

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Cloud consulting companies

It seems like the term “the cloud” is on everyone’s tongues these days. But what is the cloud, exactly? And how are people using it? Although it can often get a bad rap by those who claim it’s not secure enough, the cloud actually is playing a variety of helpful and beneficial roles in our society. The average person may use it to store emails, photos, text messages, and more. But businesses are using it for far more than that — among other things, IT services, security, and massive data sharing. The cloud streamlines the way business is done, allows for more physical space (no more file boxes!) in offices, and can grant easy access for authorized personnel to have when they need it. It’s also a new way to categorize and file information so it can be found easily and reliably. Indeed, by 2018, expe

10% Of Americans Are Hospitalized Due To Incorrect Prescription Usage Pharmacy POS Solutions

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Pharmacy software company

Where would America be without the hard work of pharmacists providing people with the medication and counseling they need to get through their week? Every day pharmacies provide prescriptions, consultations and appointments for people suffering from a variety of physical and mental illnesses. When it comes to managing different schedules and conflicting medications, however, a good system can mean the difference between a smoothly flowing business transaction and a potentially upset customer base. Pharmacy POS software is a complex system that handles everything from scheduling to dosage to customer’s confidential information, making a difficult job just a little bit more manageable.

American Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry in the United States has