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Archive for February, 2014

Why Do Businesses Outsource Electronics Manufacturing?

Written by admin on . Posted in Electronic contract manufacturing services, Outsourcing electronics manufacturing

Electronic contract manufactures

A large number of companies that sell electronics outsource electronics manufacturing. In short, outsourcing electronics manufacturing is wise because it allows companies to get their electronic manufacturing solutions much more cheaply and efficiently. The advantages of contract manufacturing are simple-businesses can save money on production costs and get a cheaper, more reliable product.

When you outsource electronics manufacturing, you can reduce and control overhead costs. In the late 1970s, before the electronic contract manufacturing industry took ho

Mobile-Optimize Your Website or Risk Losing Customers!

Written by admin on . Posted in Delaware web design, Good website design tips, Graphic design in delaware

Graphic design delaware

Online connectivity has increased exponentially in recent years. This is due to the expanded use of smartphones and mobile devices. Since the device’s launch in 2007, Apple has sold 85 million iPhones in the U.S. alone. These devices allow users to log onto the web, their email, and social media accounts 24 hours a day.

The boom in the mobile device industry has resulted in more users flooding the internet than ever before. They are typically using the internet to find out information, and also research products or services online 58% of the time, according to Pew Internet. With so many people using their mobile devices to conduct most of these searches, it is critical for website owners to invest in strong, mobile-optimized, marketing strategies to attract customers.

For this reason, many companie