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Archive for May, 2012

Social Media Reseller

Written by admin on . Posted in Seo reseller packages, Seo reseller plan, Seo reseller programs

Since the beginning of the availability of the internet there have been many new opportunities born out of necessity. Today, opportunities continue to grow in new areas that are created from the latest marketing trends. The need for SEO has created opportunities for SEO resellers, but more people are interested in becoming a social media reseller now than ever before too. A social media reseller earns additional income like an SEO reseller. Social media reseller programs are popular because of the latest trends involving social networking.

Social networking sites are places of enormous opportunities these days. These opportunities are being taken advantage of by entrepreneurs, business owners, independent contractors, and even working moms staying at home. People spend more time on social networking sites than they do using search engines, which is why social media reseller programs are extremely popular right now. Becoming a social media reseller requires a few logical steps that one should follow though. For example, not all social media reseller programs are created equal and people need to identify the right firm to partner with. Furthermore, it’s always important to be familiar with the work behind promoting businesses in social networking sites.

By understanding the work involved with promoting a business in social networking sites, choosing the right social media reseller program becomes easier. A social media reseller is required to have excellent customer communication skills in order to promote services effectively on the social sites and to gain a large following. It’s important to spread the word to website owners how important social networking sites really are and how a social media reseller can help. A social media reseller should always explain just how powerful it is to use social networking sites to promote products and services.

Marketing firms that provide these types of services focus on creating a positive image for their clients. Branding techniques are used and monitoring comments and managing multiple accounts are services people should expect when outsourcing their social media work. Much like Seo resellers, a social media reseller is able to earn additional income with minimal effort. The responsibilities of a reseller involve promoting and communication. The work involved with improving the image of a website in social networking sites is performed by the service provider.

Questions the Reseller SEO Should Ask

Written by admin on . Posted in Search engines, Seo, Seo outsourcing

If you are going to get into being a reseller SEO there are certain questions you should ask the search engine optimization provider you choose to work with. One of the first things the reseller SEO should find out about is how the SEO firm will handle their account. The reseller needs to know who their point of contact will be in case they have questions that their clients need to have answered. So if you are a reseller SEO make sure you know who that point of contact is and make a note of it for future reference.

Another thing the reseller SEO needs to know is how reporting is done. The white label or private label reseller SEO needs to make sure that reports that are passed to them for their clients are done under their own brand name. When you are a white label reseller SEO you want to make sure that your company name and logo is on all communications that is seen by your clients.

Of course, the reseller SEO will also want to know how long the SEO firm they are going to partner with has been in the business. You should ask about their experience they have with building and optimizing retail SEO as a back end white label search engine optimization service provider. Ask the SEO firm to provide you with the names of companies they have helped to grow online. The reseller SEO also needs to ask about the tools and services the SEO firm uses for developing an SEO strategy.

The reseller SEO should also ask how the SEO firm chooses keywords, etc. Another topic to find out about is how the SEO firm builds client links. Is link building included in their SEO packages? It is also important for the reseller Seo to partner with SEO firms that can spot trends and handle social networking accounts as well as providing professional quality SEO services.